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When you support Skidmore College, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Uncompromising Commitment

Your support helps maintain an uncompromising commitment to education and premiere liberal arts offerings.

There’s something special about the faculty at Skidmore College. They not only root for you in the classroom, but they’ll also sit in the stands for your basketball game and come to your music recital or research presentation.

Because of your commitment to the future success of our students, many faculty members like Professor Jeff Segrave, are spreading the joy of learning throughout the campus. Watch this video to see his incredible impact.

Unique Experiences

You help us create a unique student experience by being a place that forges deep and long-lasting personal relationships.

Four years ago, the Class of 2022 arrived on campus and joined a community that — true to the Skidmore spirit — often feels like family. From classwork and campus life to internships and athletics, the graduates have left an impression on faculty and staff in every corner of Skidmore. And, in an era that has challenged and inspired so many, there is perhaps no better time to take a moment to share what’s in our hearts.

Several faculty and staff members came together for the Class of 2022 to gift a few final words to these exceptional graduates.

Unquestionable Value

You help spread awareness of our unquestionable value
and the role it plays in paving paths for career and personal success.

Through scholarships and grants, every student can have the opportunity to access a quality education without the burden of tuition weighing on them and their families. You are opening doors for exceptional students from diverse backgrounds who aspire to be Skidmore College students.

Watch how you help create a passion for learning through hands-on opportunities and experiences for students like Zoe Pagliario.

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“Creativity is the heartbeat of the Skidmore education. It permeates every aspect of Skidmore, from the culture to the classroom. It makes for an exciting liberal arts experience and fosters a tremendous joy in learning. To be able to think creatively and critically — to contemplate beauty and art, science, the humanities and civic engagement — prepares students for a lifetime of learning.”

President Marc C. Conner

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